Broda Amos!!!

I've always known there's more to a name than meets the eye.

You see, my baptismal name is Amos, but before I opted for that name, I did my research, and this man in this picture helped me make a decision.

When I was about to be baptized, yes, I'm Christ-like, so give your life to Christ.

Ok, when I was about to be baptized, my dad asked me, what name I'd like to bear?

His father was Amos, he himself bore Amos, and he wanted me to bear Amos.
Unfortunately for him, I was in love with Solomon, and his ways!!!

That man was the wealthiest motherfucker in history. Baba chopped life to the fullest, and was full of wisdom. He was even the wisest in history!

Man!!! I wanna be SOLOMON!!!

My dad looked at me with much disdain as if to say, are you sure this boy is my son? Lmfao!

At that time, K1 the Ultimate had just released a song that was playing almost everywhere, and it was the talk of town - Solo Mákindé.

"Ọ̀dẹ̀ lón jẹ́ Solomon." Meaning, na mumu dey bear Solomon.
"They'll just be calling you Solo Makinde!"
My dad legit told me that!!! That man na scammer 😂

I was pretty young, I had a mind of my own, but it was fragile of course. So I thought about what he said.
I didn't want anybody calling me Solo Makinde, plus there's this classmate of mine in school then that was Solomon, dude was so troublesome, and to me at the time, dumber than dumb.

Perhaps Amos aren't bad after all.
So I gave it a judicious cogitation.
I made my research. There was no Google back then, had to look for the meaning of the name in those pamphlets that housed English and Biblical names and meanings. I bought one for myself, it was that serious.
There's more to a name than meets the eye.

The meaning: Amos = Burden Bearer.

Burden bearer báwo? Són whine mi ni?!!! (If you know me well, read that in my voice. Lol)

To me that didn't make sense.

I was not impressed. But then, my Dad had already fucked with the most revered name I have in history. It was almost on the same pedestal as Jesus Christ. Like I could literally say in the name of Solomon I bind you!!!

It was that strong.

Long story short, I had to study people that bore Amos, and this man here helped me make a decision.

Brother Amos was a perfect gentleman!


I only saw him 'para' once in my life, and that was after our Boys Brigade meeting in church, and he left for choir rehearsals. That was the only time!

Man!!! If Amoses are like this, I wanna be like this!!!

So I told my Dad I'll do Amos.
Man was proud. Yes, this is my true son. He must have thought. lol

People of God, this life just get as e be o.
Àti Amos, àti Solomon, Angel ni mo padà jẹ laslas!

I'm Oyèbánjí Amos Oyèlẹ́rù, but you can call me Angel MESSI... I'll answer you quicker, I'll help you carry your burden and turn them to Magic!

©Angel MESSI...

P.S: Learnt Broda Amos lost his wife about a year ago or so. May her soul continue to rest easy, and his boys, grow in wisdom. Amen.

Magician. Visual Storyteller. Writer. Photographer. I believe Dreams Do Come True #DDCT