16 Years and counting…

Just like that, I’ve spent half of my life without you.

Some people nurse this vacuous believe that I turned out this way because I lacked a father figure in my life.

They believe your wife couldn’t do the job; more so, an Akwa Ibom woman…

Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone

John 8 vs 3–11

This story of Jesus and the scribes is a pretty interesting one.

In today’s world, we have sinners judging sinners because they sin differently.

Some weeks back, I was to shoot a viral music video for…

Pick a Brain

If Steve Jobs’ brain were put up for sale, or Professor Chinua Achebe’s brains were up on Amazon, how much do you think it would cost?

How about Mark? Paige? Jack Dorsey? Elon Musk? Fẹ́mi Ọ̀tẹ́dọlá? Ọbásanjọ́?

Aha! I felt that frown at Ọbásanjọ́!

But let me…

Screenshot of David Hundeyin’s Twitter post

So many things left unsaid

So many deeds left undone

Numerous ills battling humanity.

I weep when I see the state of our affairs

My heart rends into pieces when I remember the uncountable number of helpless beings.

Dogs live better,

Lions are exclusively catered for,

But humans, especially Nigerians…

A rugged brown timberland steps on an old newspaper on fire
Set fire to the papers. Photograph by Angel MESSI

As a child, oftentimes when we mess things up, and it stares at us beyond repair, we throw it away and pick something else. We never get tired of starting a new thing. I don’t know about your childhood, but mine got me trying my gifted hands at different things…

Where Do Pictures Go To When We Delete Them?

Hello there,

I'm Angel MESSI... The Magician. I'm a conceptual and portrait photographer and writer; so when I talk to you about pictures, it's from a professional.
You can check out some of my works on www.angelnationstudios.com

Now, let's bite into…

Golden Melon 🍈

Do you know that coconut palm trees grow well at the beach because they convert salty water into fresh water, enjoy sandy soil, and use the sea to distribute their seeds?

Well, now you know.

What about Golden melon?
Up until this afternoon, I had no idea what…

Broda Amos!!!

I've always known there's more to a name than meets the eye.

You see, my baptismal name is Amos, but before I opted for that name, I did my research, and this man in this picture helped me make a decision.

When I was about to be baptized…

Nigerians Live Like There is No Tomorrow

My name is Oyèbánjí Oyèlẹ́rù, also known as Angel MESSI... the Magician, and I'm from Nigeria.
Nigerians live like there is no tomorrow!

I'm a Lagos based photographer and writer, and my writing is purely for the purpose of entertainment. There are too…


Most times we have gold around us, we just do not realize it.
The resources and information needed for our success is not in one Chicapoto
It is not in the United States.
It is not in Abuja.

The resources and information needed for our success is…


Magician. Visual Storyteller. Writer. Photographer. I believe Dreams Do Come True #DDCT www.angelnationstudios.com

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